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Getting “In Charge”
A Leadership Seminar for Nursing Management

Clint Maun, CSP

Like no other time in history, healthcare organizations must rely upon critical leadership skills – especially in nursing – to accomplish success on a daily basis. Today’s nursing directors, charge nurses, unit managers and coordinators must be effective as they set the tone for their department and are behind patient satisfaction levels; successful hiring and retention practices; and proper documentation to ensure compliance and reimbursement success. This intensive one-day workshop will deliver a practical approach for the effective handling of today’s nursing leadership issues. Attendees will gain new skills and motivation to implement new ideas.


The Commitment Needed
  • Shrinking management perception – the #1 issue that hurts leadership
  • The first ten minutes of the shift sets the tone of the day
  • Deal in “current” nows – focus on today’s success
The Action Needed
  • How to use the power word of leaders
  • Four questions to determine motivated and unmotivated staff
  • Three components of an action plan for a self-control system
The Organization Required
  • Learn to boil-down, not boil-up – you are the role model
  • How to give Ph.D.’s in problem solving, not problem finding
  • The subtraction theory on priorities – making sense out of the day
The Results to be Achieved
  • Healthcare “customers” – rights and responsibilities
  • Orientation made simple for employees and customers
  • How to develop a “no excuse” policy for customer satisfaction

Upon the completion of this program, the participants will be able to: 
  1. Understand why they are “In Charge” and what “leadership” means
  2. Re-engineer the first 10 minutes of the day to be more productive throughout the day
  3. Understand the difference between “respected” and being “liked”
  4. Develop a plan for expectations, measurements, and control of resources using a team-based approach for success
  5. Implement a policy for B.S.C.T.P.
  6. Eliminate “BMG’s” (Bellyachers, Moaners and Groaners)
  7. Empower team members with problem solving and decision-making skills
This course will actively deliver a practical approach for effectively handling today’s leadership issues. It is designed to prepare the participant in areas where theories won’t work. The material is current, proven and thought-provoking. The participants will leave this course invigorated and eager to try new ideas. This session will include lecture, group discussion, case studies and question/answer.