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Leadership in Leaner Times

Clint Maun, CSP

Today’s health care and senior housing leaders are faced with staffing concerns, expense control problems, productivity issues, regulatory/compliance and competitive pressures for market positioning. To successfully turn these challenges into opportunities, the organization’s leadership must put into motion techniques and methods to orchestrate positive effects during the “leaner” times, while continuing the highest quality service.

This session will concentrate on specific proven techniques that leaders can use to effectively move their organization toward successful outcomes. During this session the participants will receive information to allow them to:
  1. Develop increased productivity models with their staff on a daily basis.
  2. Organize the work flow in a team-based method so there is an effective and efficient decision making strategy.
  3. Continue building a great staff while making the team accountable for tougher budgets (dealing with layoffs, mergers and potential downsizing).
  4. Prepare the team to handle daily opportunities for service excellence tied to sales opportunities.
  5. Develop ways to stretch fixed costs to new opportunities.
  6. Handle the movement of the organization from the old parent-child models.
  7. Reward and celebrate successful improvement efforts.
This session is specific and detailed in its approach to what today’s leaders can do to handle the effectiveness and efficiency issues confronting their organization and still move forward, together, to accomplish their mission.  If the organization must change in order to deal with the problems or opportunities that exist, then today’s leadership of the organization must be willing to provide positive emphasis for this change process.  This session will use specific case study, lecture, best practice examples and group discussions to affect the outcomes of the seminar.