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Preparing Your Organization for the Future: Strategy, Staff and Satisfaction

Clint Maun, CSP

Tough times or opportunities? Crystal clear or foggy? Manageable or chaotic? These are the types of questions individuals involved in healthcare are asking as they consider the future. Healthcare professionals need to implement innovative strategies, starting today, in 4 major areas: Teaming, Marketing, Customer Satisfaction and Coworkers. This session is designed to provide specific invigoration on these topics and more!


At the completion of this session the participants will be able to develop strategies to address the following:
  • What the changing healthcare system is expected to deliver in the future
  • Outcome-based guarantees – Is it possible? If so, how?
  • Federal/state involvement – what that means to healthcare organizations
  • Assessment and focus on pricing strategies and services
  • Recognize how our customers are changing and how that affects our deliverables
  • Family concerns with the care
  • Employment for life – Is it possible?
  • Merging senior and new employees in a team-based culture
  • Utilizing selection/recruitment technologies
  • Determining which partnerships will be beneficial and necessary for growth
  • Designing and marketing competitive advantages
  • How existing systems/relationships will have to be changed
  • Interfacing with Internet services and opportunities

This program promises to be uplifting, motivational and action-packed with information and ideas for developing and implementing successful strategies for growth. It will utilize invigorating lecture, humor, case studies, discussion group, and question/answer.