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partnering with clint

To ensure a successful program, we suggest your assistance and cooperation concerning the following that will enhance our partnering experience.

  1. Microphone. Clint prefers if at all possible to wear a wireless, cordless lavaliere microphone. If not available, a hand held microphone will work.
  2. Seating. Please set the room so there are just enough seats for the number of final participants. This creates a sense of togetherness and synergy that will make the program even more exciting. If possible, a classroom arrangement is preferable to an auditorium.
  3. Staging. Clint prefers to be out with the audience. It is not necessary to set up a podium or stage.
  4. Lighting. Please have the room lit as brightly as possible. The more light the better. If there are window curtains, please leave them open.
  5. Introduction. It is very important to ask a key individual to present Clint’s introduction. If they are not comfortable in relaying their own knowledge of Clint, there is an introduction available on our website.
  6. Flip Chart. No matter what the size of the audience or room, Clint requests a flip chart with black magic marker. He uses the flip chart in large groups as a prop for effect only. This is his only audio/visual need other than the lavaliere microphone.
  7. Phone Conferencing. If you have the need for a key individual or individuals to conference with Clint before the event, please let us know. This often helps clarify expectations for Clint’s program.
  8. Handouts. We’d prefer for attendees to take their own notes so they are more apt to utilize what they find important. We do not like to deluge the participants with handouts. However, if you require handouts, we’d be pleased to provide them.
  9. Program Reinforcement Products. In many of our presentations we offer audio/video and written materials for the participants to purchase. This assists them in setting the stage for future utilization of important topics. Most meeting planners we work with are pleased to provide a table so product can be displayed.
  10. Preparation Material. As soon as it is available, please send our office the final conference brochure or any review materials that would be helpful for Clint as he prepares for the meeting.
  11. Agenda. We need a final time agenda with all session times two weeks prior to the event.
  12. Audience. We appreciate an initial estimate on audience size and a follow-up a day or two before the conference with a final number or estimate. This helps us "zero in" for a successful experience.
  13. Hotel. We prefer the meeting planner to place and guarantee the hotel reservation. If convenient, it can be directly billed to your organization. If that arrangement is not workable, please let us know and we’ll work out other arrangements.
  14. Transportation. We prefer to book Clint’s air transportation. This allows us to coordinate his transportation costs with the most effective arrangements possible between all of his clients. The transportation to and from the meeting site after Clint has arrived in your city can be arranged in more detail depending upon the specific location of the meeting.
  15. Key Contacts. We would appreciate a list of phone numbers of key contacts attending the meeting. This allows us to call them in advance if applicable to determine issues they believe are important for discussion. If the meeting planner would coordinate the initial contact with these individuals, letting them know we’ll be calling would be appreciated.
  16. CEU’s. We’ll be pleased to assist the organization to develop the appropriate material necessary to receive Continuing Education Credits. However, we don’t file the paperwork for the CEU’s.
  17. Sponsorship. Many organizations include vendors or suppliers as potential sponsors for Clint’s presentation. If this is to occur, please let us know so we can be supportive of the sponsorship arrangement.
  18. Dress Code. We like to be one of the crowd. Please let us know what the preferred dress code will be during Clint’s presentation.
  19. Taping. If you would like to audio or video tape the presentation, we can discuss how that will work best for your use and how to logistically arrange. If Clint’s presentation is to be magnified on a big screen, we need to know in advance to optimize his program impact. If taping is desired, we request a copy of the tape be provided to us.
  1. Introduction. Clint likes to meet with the individual presenting the introduction a few minutes prior to the program. Please see the Pre-Meeting item regarding Introductions above.
  2. Microphone Check. Clint needs to perform a microphone check at least 15 - 20 minutes prior to his program.
  3. Key Contacts. Clint enjoys the opportunity to meet any key contacts in the audience to ensure follow-up, especially if we have talked with them prior to the conference.
  4. Breaks. For half day sessions, we suggest a break in the middle of the day for about 15 minutes. For all day sessions, it is helpful to schedule two short breaks in the morning and two in the afternoon.
  5. Payment. Unless otherwise arranged, we request half (1/2) down payment when the date is booked with the balance due before or at the completion of Clint’s presentation that day. Please make the check payable to Maun-Lemke and mail it prior or give it to him sometime during the day. If you need to make other arrangements, please advise. Our Federal ID # is 47-0740030.
  1. Referrals. Our fee includes your referrals for two (2) potential clients you believe could benefit from our products and services and a testimonial letter. We prefer if you would personally call your referrals and discuss your successful experience. Please advise the name, address and phone number for the three individuals or companies you recommend we contact.
  2. Testimonial Letter. If we delivered the experience you were looking for, we’d appreciate a letter from you. That would help us in developing our on-going relationship efforts.
  3. Evaluation. Please provide us any summaries of evaluation data.
  4. Phone Follow-up. Kathy Cain, Vice President, from our office will call to follow-up on the success of the overall program and any other additional needs you may have.
  5. Expense Billing. We will send you an invoice for the travel expenses associated with Clint’s presentation and any other payment arrangements due. We expect timely and expeditious handling of the expense payment.