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How to Stay Strategic vs. Operational

Today’s successful managers must be “operational” when involved in day-to-day operations. It is important that key outcomes are accomplished. However to be successful today, leadership must also have the ability to view the overall effort on a daily basis from a “strategic focus”, similar to flying over the trees looking at the entire forest rather than being caught in the forest and consumed with day-to-day results. The strategic manager or leader has the ability to accomplish outcomes through other people while keeping their overall focus on the long term goals for success of the organization. The material in this session is important because if leaders don’t have the ability to remain strategic, we’ll be involved in just one activity tied to the next activity without ongoing long term goals. Without long term goals there can be no growth, only general maintenance of the existing operation. With maintenance of the existing operation you can be swallowed up in the overall marketplace with your competition due to changing consumer expectations and ever oscillating demands of regulator accomplishments. Strategic focus is critical while we continue to operate on a daily basis.

At the completion of this session, participants will be able to:
  1. Understand the value of long term goal vs. short term objectives.
  2. Develop strategies tied to mission and vision.
  3. Use team based goals to design daily self reporting processes.
  4. Define key results for measuring strategic accomplishments.
  5. Lead effective meetings to guide strategic conversation.
This presentation includes lecture, group discussion, question/answer, case study and individual action planning.