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Turf Wars: Making Teams Work

Clint Maun, CSP

Today’s organizations are faced with difficult challenges.  They are expected to provide higher levels of productivity, while at the same time, become cost efficient.  The consumer involved with health care has become more knowledgeable and they expect more.  In addition to these demands, employees are becoming more professional and want to have their opinions heard.  Management is in need of some techniques and methods for successfully managing conflict.  No one wants to pay for turf!

At the completion of this program participants will have learned insightful tips and proven methods to allow them to:

1. Overcome negative attitudes in themselves and others.
2. Improve inter-shift, interdepartmental and interpersonal relations (reducing conflict).
3. Move remaining “turf” toward “team”.
4. Implement techniques for operating “solution” meetings.
5. Learn a process to successfully deal with out-of-bounds co-workers, customers and teammates.

This session includes case studies, examples, lecture, humor, question and answer and discussion.