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Retaining Quality Workers in the New Millennium

Clint Maun, CSP

To run a successful healthcare organization we must have dedicated quality co-workers that embrace the team concept. Like never before, we’re being challenged to find the quantity and quality of co-workers necessary to be involved on our team.

It is possible to reduce turnover to lower than the national average…in a short period of time! Clint Maun, CSP can show hospitals how to keep, select and recruit staff by improving team-based involvement that dramatically affects morale, communication, quality of delivery and movement toward employer-of-choice status.

This invigorating session will set up the techniques that are necessary to be successful in today’s workplace. We’ll also find how to get a coordinated effort that can lead to successful outcomes with all the diverse individuals involved in healthcare.


At the completion of this session, the participants will be able to:

  1. Develop a specific method for the individual unit/shift within a facility to keep score on success (this scorekeeping includes call-ins, overtime, agency utilization, tardiness, turnover and floating).
  2. Implement a realistic model for pilot projecting and self-scheduling.
  3. Implement a successful self-reporting system that develops team-based accountability and motivated behavior on a daily basis.
  4. Design a 12-week RSR team that accomplishes measurable results to reduce turnover.
  5. Implement an accountable model for supervisors and leaders on the unit or shift.

This program builds on Clint Maun’s consulting, speaking and research experience for this very important issue. Perhaps no single issue is more important today than the ability to attract and keep quality employees. It is possible to achieve the above outcomes. This engaging, thought-provoking and invigorating session will truly lead to people making the required changes necessary to be the employer-of-choice.

This session will include lecture, role-play, case study, group discussion, and question/answer. This session will allow your team to be motivated and advance to the next level.