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It's a Jungle Out There!
Everyday Solutions for Today's Housing Professionals

Clint Maun, CSP

“It’s never been more important to take control of your customer satisfaction program. Scores are now accessible to the consumer, competition is everywhere and the customers expect more today than ever before”.

Today’s healthcare organizations must continually strive to improve its customer service program and develop its reputation/image. It’s very important to grow customer satisfaction, particularly by involving the customers. We must not set up an attitude where striving for excellence is not necessary and fall into the trap of believing that we’re in a good enough position to sustain business.

This invigorating session will bolster hope, focus and commitment for housing professionals during these trying times. Aging services is in a period of great change, turmoil and pressure. To survive and prosper, housing organizations need simple, yet specific, techniques and innovative strategies regarding customer service, leadership, human resources and teamwork.

This program will provide insightful tips and proven methods so the participants will be able to:
  1. Learn 8 simple but effective principles of excellent customer service that can be immediately implemented.
  2. Prepare the organization’s journey toward customer service excellence by engaging co-workers in the process.
  3. Incorporate the concept of “customer” in their daily interactions.
  4. Develop the concept of a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.
  5. Eliminate excuse-making as a basis of customer involvement.
  6. Understand how to implement a 5-Step Customer Satisfaction Process in dealing with difficult customer situations.
  7. Handle negative attitudes and influences (within themselves and others).
  8. Communicate positive self-esteem about their career in healthcare/housing.
  9. Communicate with others, both personally and professionally.
Always stay above the line when talking with others.

  1. Develop techniques for handling supervisory-employee situations.
  2. Implement successful techniques for meshing the “seasoned” workforce with the new worker.
  3. Organize the work flow in a team-based method so there is an effective and efficient decision-making strategy.

This session is stimulating, thought-provoking and can lead to an immediate process change in customer service initiatives, both internally and externally. It also allows the organization to see the “fruits of their labor” in a specific and immediate fashion. It will utilize case study, invigorating lecture, group discussion, historical examples and professional trends to empower participants toward positive action they can immediately put to use in their service areas.