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Hitting the Bricks

Clint Maun, CSP

This program of sales skills development is designed to assist professionals in the selection, planning, contact, presentation and follow-up required to acquire potential new customers. The participants will be involved in a lively presentation of sales skills and discussion which is applicable to all forms of healthcare.

Clint will also address the attitudes of both the marketing/salesperson and the prospective family/customer, and the importance of voice and sound. The program will cover such topics as neurolinguistic programming, non-verbal communication skills for both telecommunicators and live sales, recognizing both left and right side brain tendencies, and how to utilize each. Technical areas such as time management and goal setting will also be covered.

At the completion of this program the participants will have learned techniques to:
  1. Increase their awareness of potential market opportunities.
  2. Prepare for prospective customer and referral source contacts.
  3. Design an effective contact planning agenda.
  4. Overcome objections during marketing/sales experiences.
  5. Handle negative attitudes.
The format for this presentation will be interactive, with the participants working through common barriers to establish a rapport, overcome objections, closing the sale and the all important follow-up.