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7 Keys to Personal Success and Happiness in a Healthcare Job

Clint Maun, CSP

Let’s face it. Healthcare is a profession wrought with high turnover, long hours, low staffing and often, little payback. While employees may love the work they do, finding true success and happiness in such an environment can seem impossible…a closed door.

Now, job satisfaction and personal fulfillment doesn’t have to be a dream. After over 30 years of research and personal experience Clint Maun has developed 7 Keys proven to keep the organization, management and staff positively engaged, happy and coming back to work every day with the skills necessary to achieve the essential element for success…Balance.

The 7 Keys are relevant today and have been proven to stand the test of time. An absolute return on investment is assured for the individual and the organization.


The participants will learn how to implement these necessary success techniques for themselves, while ensuring their co-workers, bosses and other staff within the organization also achieve the appropriate balance, to feel they have a sense of purpose and happiness in their healthcare career.

By encouraging an environment where the "7 Keys" can be achieved, leadership can unlock the closed doors hindering success in the organization.

This dynamic series of 7 unlocking principles are as follows:

Key # 1: Staying highly motivated on a daily basis (even on bad days!) is a must
How to Motivate Yourself on a Daily Basis

Key # 2: You must be able to combat negativity
Proven Methods for Handling Energy Zapping “Trolls”

Key # 3: Tooting your own horn is essential to success
How to Effectively Promote Yourself

Key # 4: You must make you, the boss, and the organization all look good at the same time
How to Make Everyone Come Out as Winners

Key # 5: For you to be successful, your team must be successful
How to Play on Teams that Pay Off

Key # 6: You must be able to deal with difficult people
Winning Tips and Techniques for Dealing with Difficult People

Key # 7: You must upgrade your value in the organization so that it means something
How to Prove Your Worth

The 7 Keys is thought provoking, specific, immediately applicable and achievable. It can be presented as a Keynote presentation, in depth as an intense workshop/seminar, or as a series of programs broken down one Key at a time.

Through the 7 Keys, healthcare organizations, leadership and staff will benefit from effectively utilizing a set of strategies that will help achieve the balance needed for the fulfillment they deserve. Of course, success and happiness is ultimately up to the individual, but the 7 Keys can guide the way.

If you’d like more information on this new, innovative speaking program call Kathy Cain, VP 800-356-2233, or visit the 7 Keys Website, http://www.clintmaun.com/7keys, to purchase a VHS or DVD version of this program.