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Managing Marginal Performance

Clint Maun, CSP

This session will focus on methods, techniques and skills a supervisor or manager needs for successful staff motivation. In this session, the participants will work with a practical performance-based management system. This system concentrates on managing marginal performance, not developing theoretical understandings of employee motivation.


  1. What is and what isn’t marginal performance?
  2. Three (3) types of people who violate rules, regulations and policies.
  3. A proven approach to coaching performance problems.
  4. Follow-up actions required to ensure results.

Upon the completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  1. Utilize a systematic plan for improvement of a specific employee’s performance.
  2. Describe and implement practical performance feedback with employees (both positive and negative).
  3. Develop employee ownership of the problem.
  4. Implement methods to develop self-control employees.
  5. Develop successful ways to catch employees doing things right and wrong.

The course will be customized to appeal to the types of leaders who are attending the program, and based upon the level of responsibility and scope of work with which the participants are involved. Participants will be able to develop a plan for an actual on-the-job performance problem. This program utilizes lecture, case study, role-play (if applicable), humor, discussion, and question/answer.