Clint Maun, CSP
Maun-Lemke President and Senior Partner

Clint Maun is nationally recognized for his innovative expertise in healthcare consulting, speaking and research. He is one of a select few to receive the CSP designation of distinction, Certified Speaking Professional, from the National Speakers Association.

As co-founder of Maun-Lemke Speaking and Consulting, LLC, Clint has over 38 years experience in healthcare operations, management, revenue enhancement, leadership, quality improvement, turnover reduction, employee retention and self-development programs. Clint’s acclaimed leadership process has been successfully implemented in small and multi-facility businesses nationwide. His visions, ideas, techniques and innovative solutions are currently at work in thousands of organizations throughout the country.

Since 1984, Clint has concentrated on “changing the results of healthcare” and improving the “people business” of our profession. He consults and speaks on a diverse range of critical challenges facing healthcare, from revenue and marketing strategies to service excellence, as well as optimizing employee effectiveness and executive mentoring. Clint’s strength is optimizing organizational effectiveness with programs targeted to the 3 “C’s” of healthcare: Customers, Coworkers and Collaboration.

Clint has the proven ability to motivate individuals to positive action and implement results-oriented change. Using his vast experience and knowledge of the healthcare profession, Clint also provides free proven and practical best practice stories, tips and anecdotes daily on Clintcast.com.

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Clint Maun will be pleased to customize his programs to meet your specific goals and objectives. If you’d like to video or audio tape Clint’s program please refer to our taping policy

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Clint is one of a select few to receive the CSP designation of distinction, Certified Speaking Professional, from the National Speakers Association. Educator, consultant, speaker, retreat facilitator and author, Clint Maun uses an exciting manner of communication.
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We believe our job as consultants is to facilitate start up processes so organizations can continue well beyond our involvement. It is important that organizations develop a sense of individual ownership in these types of enhancement efforts.
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