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Ensuring Customer Satisfaction in Today's Health Care Organization: Immediate Action Steps

Clint Maun, CSP

Customers today, regardless of the product or service, expect complete satisfaction and service excellence. This is especially true in health care. Customers in health care (residents and families) are faced with many options and choices. Our business depends on not only being the provider of choice; we then must also exceed their expectations. Since the Federal government has mandated measuring patient satisfaction and tying the outcomes to reimbursement, the time for action is now!

At the completion of this session, the participants will have learned specific techniques and methods they can immediately implement with their team to:
  1. Identify VIP customer situations including individuals that require a specific plan to ensure satisfaction
  2. Understand the importance and design of the “Rules of 3” process for new admissions
  3. Implement direct customer communication processes by the staff:
    • 50/50 using “with”
    • B.S.C.T.P. and “Come with Me”
    • Satisfaction survey follow-up
    • Planned contacts with families
  4. Implement a “No Excuse Policy”
  5. Utilize a 5-step service recovery process
  6. Reward and recognize excellent service outcomes
  7. Design of an organization scorecard that reports success
This 2 1/2 hour program will utilize lecture, case study, group discussion and question/answer.