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Advanced Strategies for Coworker Engagement

Clint Maun, CSP

Isn’t it time to really become the Employer of Choice and outdistance your competitors on every front?

This session will examine proven techniques and systems in the core areas of engagement that will separate your organization from the pack.

This session’s content has been developed from the direct results achieved during our consulting work with healthcare clients serving on teams for improvement projects in their organizations. The results we will be showcasing include 3 major recognition processes that have an ongoing effect on staff retention. These 3 recognition processes include:

  • Meaningful group rallies
  • Specific timely small prizes
  • Rally boards and scoreboards that give team and individual recognition

Clint Maun will also include targeted efforts that have proven to involve people in teams so they feel engaged. This includes:

  • How team members are identified and selected to be on action teams
  • Methods to ensure they can participate in those action teams and don’t feel overloaded
  • Techniques for keeping the team focused on written action plans with specific job assignments
  • How to give them the sense of accomplishment that comes from the goal-oriented projects on which they work

We have determined there are 4 major areas that management must improve in the area of engagement:

  1. Management must not control meetings, however there are several techniques they can use to still have an influence on meetings without exercising an over-control process.
  2. Management has to use specific rounding patterns and engagement processes in their efforts on a daily basis with team action
  3. Use spontaneous “team huddles” to solve day-to-day problems by engagement at the location where the coworkers are completing the work
  4. Implement spontaneous recognition systems that honor and recognize actions in a timely and effective manner at the moment they are occurring.

At the completion of this session the attendees will have learned proven methods and strategies they can implement to:

  1. Motivate coworkers to participate on action teams for positive return on investment
  2. Recognize staff for accomplishment that is meaningful and lasting
  3. Measurably improve the morale and retain the right people
  4. Thoroughly utilize the concept of Team
  5. Determine what management is to really do in the area of engagement

In addition, our research indicates that if organizations establish a specific set of project goals and determine a measurable return on investment for that effort, engagement patterns move along more quickly because people have an understanding of how to calculate success. They understand clearly how much time it’s going to take, what the results are to be and they can do their own return on involvement or return on investment calculations at any given moment to determine success.

The target audience for this session is advanced healthcare professionals. This program will be presented using lecture, case study, group discussion and question/answer.