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Often times an organization’s performance management system (performance review) does not interface well with its philosophy or culture. Rating scale appraisal tools are subjective and lack a method for consistency among supervisors in applying the rating scale.

We believe in the importance of team. Most appraisal tools focus on individual performance instead of team performance, and from the supervisor’s point of view only. The roll-out of a new appraisal tool will require education and communication. Current and future goals of the organization should be explained along with ways he/she can positively influence the achievement of those goals. Emphasis should be placed on meeting organizational objectives first, teamwork, then cross-functional cooperation. Individual performance should be rewarded only after organizational objectives are met.

Our Performance Appraisals takes into account the important points above, plus provides opportunity for peer feedback and self-appraisal. How the employee affects the ability of the organization to meet its goals is also incorporated into the format.

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