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Maun-Lemke specializes in the healthcare specific survey process. If we are selected to help you meet your information needs, we would provide the following:
  1. Develop a customized survey questionnaire.
    Based upon your needs, we’ll develop a totally unique questionnaire critical to identifying the exact issues facing the organization. Rather than a standardized survey which provides a few questions that are relevant, a customized survey becomes 100% part of your organization. Using organization specific terminology, culture and environment, this process yields higher response rates and more accurate data than an off the shelf product.
  2. Print and deliver final survey tool for administration.
    We provide the final survey document to your organization’s staff for administration of the survey tool, with specific instructions and tips to increase employee comfort, honesty and return rate. On-site administration by our consultants is available at an additional fee.
  3. Tabulation of results.
    Upon delivery of the completed surveys, our staff will tabulate the raw data and translate the written comments, editing them only for anonymity. Our clients receive ALL of the written comments provided in the written comments sections, not just our version of the themes.
  4. Question by question analysis.
    This part of the survey reporting process may be the most valuable in understanding what the scores mean. We report back any themes that may be identified through multiple questions and also link scores to other issues that may arise in the survey.
  5. Consultant comments.
    We provide a synopsis of the statistical scores and written comments in easy to read paragraph form which can provide a snapshot view of the survey findings.
  6. Specific recommendations.
    Based upon the scores, themes, trends and written data we provide specific implementation suggestions for the organization.
  7. Briefing.
    One of our consultants will lead the management team of the organization through a phone briefing of the results, giving additional commentary, suggestions for implementation and discussion of relevant issues. An on-site briefing is available for an additional fee.

The cost for our survey involvement is based upon the total number of full and part-time employees/surveys administered. If you’d like to explore developing a survey or initiating a consulting relationship with us, please contact us for further information and assistance.

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