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The 12 Team Commitments For Workforce 21

  1. A team-based work philosophy among all team members.
  2. Belief that a recruitment, selection, and retention program can be developed and be successful.
  3. A written Plan!
  4. Team dedication of 45-55 hours per week for work toward realization of the written Plan.
  5. All members of the team and management must sign off on the Plan.
  6. Weekly progress reports will be provided every Friday to management and Clint Maun.
  7. Willingness to work with outside consultant (Clint Maun).
  8. Must be recruitment, selection, and retention oriented and exemplify a positive attitude.
  9. Will raise concerns, issues and opportunities to the appropriate members of the management team and Maun-Lemke Consulting.
  10. Attendance at phone conferences when scheduled.
  11. Complete participation with the team during the continued meetings, training and consultant visits.
  12. Committed dedication to this recruitment, selection, and retention project as an important opportunity for the facility.