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WORKFORCE 21: Recruitment, Selection and Retention/Turnover Reduction

It is possible to reduce turnover to lower than the national average... in a very short time!

Our Workforce 21 consulting program can help your facilities keep, select and recruit staff by improving team-based involvement that dramatically affects morale, communication, quality of delivery and movement toward employer of choice status.

With a team approach, using your existing superstaff in developing a written action plan, your facility can achieve the Big 8!

We can kick start a 12 week team-based process that can be successfully continued after our initial assistance/program development... without additional consulting assistance from us.

How do we work with facilities to achieve results?

We can set up a team-based process to ensure successful outcomes in reducing agency, improving turnover and recruit quality staff. We customize our efforts depending upon your specific needs. Normally, we work with organizations in the following manner:
  1. Following a conference call with the appropriate individuals and the compiling of necessary facility statistics, we begin with a 2-day live visit to train and facilitate the start of the 12-week team members. This would allow them to prepare the 12-week plan. The team will consist of 10-12 individuals, hand picked, making sure it’s an honor to be on a team. The team would need to include the Administrator, the DON and other key individuals determined as critical for success. After our initial visit, the team would be required to complete the necessary work to write the 12 week action plan including the components of "who is going to do what by when" against measurable goals. The plan would be signed by the team and approved by the organization. We would ensure the plan contains key issues and measurable targets for improvements such as:
    1. Attitude and morale.
    2. Reduction of staff vacancies.
    3. Absenteeism and tardiness.
    4. Agency reduction.
    5. Turnover reduction.
    6. Recruitment promotion and advertising action techniques.
    7. Behavioral interviewing for an improved selection process.
    8. Team development on collaboration and conflict management.
    9. Assistance with determination on wage, salary and benefit issues as needed for discussion in the 12 week plan.
    10. The development of a daily consistency meeting for involvement in staffing decisions.
    11. The implementation of the "one piece of the elephant" concept or how to chunk out this process throughout the organization in an attainable fashion.
    12. System improvements such as data analysis tracking systems and exit interviewing process.
    13. Supervisory/Leadership capabilities improvement (charge nurses).
    14. The development and implementation of a passionate orientation program including a sequenced checklist customized to the position/unit return demonstration checks and a co-worker mentoring program.
    In addition to the Plan’s implementation responsibilities, all team members must commit to:
    1. The 12 Team Commitments
    2. Weekly accountability reporting on the process
  2. There will be additional assistance by return visits from Clint Maun and other key Maun-Lemke individuals as necessary to ensure the success of the plan and get the second 12-week plan started if necessary. In other words, we’d be involved over a 6-month period of time. There will be several revisits to the facility during the 12 weeks to ensure they are implementing the plan successfully and are able to twerk or tweak the plan as necessary.
  3. We’d conduct phone conferences on specific agenda topics with the executive group, 12-week team members and sub-teams as needed for follow up discussions on the plan.
  4. We’d be available for impromptu phone conferences with team members to discuss their issues in the installation and implementation of the plan.
  5. We would present staff motivational sessions to excite and motivate staff about their responsibilities in the team process for recruitment, selection and retention.
  6. We provide all tapes, manuals, books, articles and materials including the Workforce 21 Tool Kit information necessary for the success of the plan.
  7. We would assist in the implementation of team based training so the teams could begin a functional method toward success from the very beginning.
  8. We provide benchmarking assistance for your organization that provides support from other similar client facilities on the same type of recruitment, selection and retention issues.
  9. Our efforts would be tied to the overall plan for the organization.
  10. We would be available to assist the corporate function in the development of a roll out process for additional properties in the system. This would include all the necessary accountability processes that need to be put in place such as, approvals, sign offs and weekly reporting of the team’s success at each of the locations.
Our work is very involved, specific and accountable toward a goal oriented process in a team based fashion. We need there to be a major emphasis on this particular RSR initiative. There must be an understanding that this is the priority project and all support that is necessary be given to the implementation.

Clint offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If we do not meet your expectations, we’ll make it right, or you don’t pay us. It’s that simple, and we’re confident we can assist your organization’s goals to improve recruitment, selection and retention.

If you’d like more information on how Clint can help you add more profit to your bottom line, please contact us for further information and assistance.