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Good morning Clint. Hope things have been going well for you. I wanted to write to inform you that Richfield Retirement Community....the entire campus...has been agency free for FOUR months! RRC has been agency free for seventeen months. The programs you helped us implement...along with changing the culture on this campus....is quite evident. We have been successful in reducing staff turnover and have experienced improved employee, resident and family satisfaction as evidenced in our recent surveys. Thank you again for
your help and hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

Robert Rector
Chief Operating Office
Corporate Compliance Officer
Richfield Retirement Community
3615 West Main Street
Salem, Virginia 24153

Dear Clint - Happy New Year!

We wanted to share our Josephine Sunset Home success story with you and thank you for the role you played in that success.

Becky O’Brian and I heard you speak on staff recruitment and retention at AAHSA in the fall of 1999. In January 2000, we brought you to Josephine to spend half a day with our newly formed recruitment and retention team!

By using what you taught us combined with our ongoing hard work, in 2 short years we’ve reduced turnover by 53%! NAC turnover in 2001 was one-half what it was in 2000 and our nursing department has not experienced a "staffing crisis" for over one-and-one-half years. Yeah! Wow!

Here’s what we learned from you and how we’ve applied it.
  1. To begin to improve turnover one must quit looking at the problem as being "out there" - you know the "health care labor crisis". The real question is: "What are we doing or not doing that is negatively affecting turnover?"
  2. The problem is retention, not recruitment. When we look at the numbers; we hired 144 people in 1999!
  3. We learned to ask: "Who are we losing, where, when, why?" We analyzed the numbers and found out:
    • We were losing 45% of our employees before 90 days.
    • We were losing another 35% before their 1st anniversary.
    • Only 20% of our turnover were employees with more than one year of service.
  4. We asked: "Are the "wolves" eating our young?" Our turnover in the laundry and NOC shift in nursing was 153% even though three-quarters of these crews were our longest-term employees! We confronted this negative reality directly and told these employees, "We’ve replaced your whole crew one-and-one-half times last year, cut out the poor treatment of new employees or we’ll just start fresh all together!"

The biggest realization for us was - we were responsible for our turnover problem. We were hiring, screening, and reference checking appropriately, but we weren’t putting nearly enough energy and focus on orientation, training, and ongoing nurturing of new employees. Working with you and using your ideas were the best dollars we’ve ever spent!

Not many nursing homes can say, "We have no current NAC openings!"

I don’t know what the industry averages are today, but our overall turnover was 26.5% in 2001 and we’ll do even better in 2002!

Thanks Clint!

Monica Mattson, Administrator
And all of us at Josephine Sunset Home

"In this era of specialization, it is refreshing to encounter a Renaissance man like Clint Maun. Maun is a motivational speaker, educator, management consultant and seminar leader. His insight comes from the knowledge gained as a healthcare provider and facility owner - he’s "been there, done that". Even more significant is the fact that Clint has such an analytical mind and amazing recall that, at times, he seems to know our 1,500 person organization better than our own senior managers. I would recommend Clint Maun unequivocally to any healthcare organization seeking a consultant who can help solve problems across the entire range of management and human resource issues."

G. Michael Leader
Chairman and CEO
Country Meadows Retirement Communities
Hershey, PA

"Clint has been helpful to us as we consider various marketing initiatives. His entertaining presentations have provided insights into our own organization and information about the greater marketplace. Clint has helped us focus our management efforts on the real issues as the market continually changes. Clint provides valuable input into the organizational dynamics and insightful perspectives on program development."

Bob Chur
Elderwood Affiliates, Inc.
Buffalo, NY

"I would hesitate to think where our organization would be if we didn’t start using Clint’s services some 6 or 7 years ago. He has been invaluable to us in terms of introducing and helping us to implement new programs which have strengthened our organization in every imaginable way. While some of these may have appeared to be superfluous at their time of introduction, in retrospect, they have been necessary, even required elements of our success and for that matter, of any organization."

Ted Janeczek
Senior Vice President and CFO
George M. Leader Family Corp.
Hershey, PA

"On behalf of Mercy Health Partners Senior Health & Housing Services division. I want to sincerely thank you for your work with us in ridding us of agency usage. At the beginning, we were spending $59,000 a week as of March 1st of this year and had spent nearly $2 million in 1999. By Labor Day of the year 2000 we had reduced this usage to $0. Regular in-person meetings with staff, weekly phone contact with Leadership Team, as well as weekly conversations with myself, were instrumental in our success."

Brian E. Forschner, Ph.D., FACHCA
Mercy Senior Health & Housing Services, Inc.
Cincinnati, OH

"From the feedback received from staff in attendance, your style and message was thought-provoking and inspirational, and generated the enthusiasm needed for Otterbein to accomplish great things. The teams from each facility are in the process of creating a plan to focus on recruitment and retention of quality employees, and will be the first step in developing a workforce and work environment that will enable Otterbein Homes to be the "Employer of Choice".

Donald L. Gilmore
Otterbein Retirement Living Community
Lebanon, OH

"I would like to express my appreciation to you for making our year end meeting a resounding success; folks are still talking about it. Your keen insight, knowledge and humor provide an exceptional package for prevention."

Scott J. Bell
Delta Health Group, Inc.
Pensacola, FL

"Your knowledge and expertise is invaluable to us as we develop the Bayley Place strategic plan. I hope to see you again in the very near future."

S. Jeanne Roach
Bayley Place
Cincinnati, OH

"During the Board strategic planning session, Clint’s knowledge of the long term care industry set the stage for a very productive meeting. His ability to draw my Board members into the discussion created an involvement and ownership in the goal setting process that got the Board excited about our future. Thanks to Clint, the entire day was a huge success!

Loren W. Diekman
Administrator & CEO
Jenkins Living Center, Inc.
Watertown, SD

"This is precious. I fell like I need more Maun humor in my life. Thanks for your insight, Clint!"

Ms. Misty Gunter
Sparrow Patient