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The A.R.M.S. Length System: 7 to 1 Return on Involvement (ROI), Implementing Successful Revenue Teams

Clint Maun, CSP

Healthcare organizations today must have “surefire” results from their efforts to positively affect their budget’s top line (revenue line). Revenue must be maintained and/or increased to cover the required expenses, staffing, resources and involvement to satisfy today’s customers.

How do you make teaming “pay off” for a substantial Return on Involvement, i.e., Return on Investment? The proven methods detailed in this session will allow the participants to learn how to successfully utilize twelve-week involvement teams to address the four critical components of a revenue cycle. These four components are:
  1. Admissions
  2. Rightness
  3. Marketing
  4. Sales
Success in all of these areas is vital to achieve and sustain revenue growth. This program shows organizations not only how to overcome direct occupancy challenges, but also how to target specialized niche revenue goals such as private pay, managed care and Medicare. In addition, this process can be used to develop service programs for very specialized placement opportunities.

At the completion of this session, the attendees will understand the importance of positioning their organizations for the changes to come. They will be provided immediate, necessary and practical action steps to be able to:
  1. Develop a meaningful and successful team-based approach to revenue enhancement.
  2. Implement the necessary re-engineering of organizational systems to effectively maximize revenue growth.
  3. Utilize proven techniques used by healthcare organizations in leading-edge methods for marketing and positioning of their products and services with case managers, discharge planners, doctors, hospitals and other referral sources.
  4. Develop the appropriate sub-teams necessary to guide the organization’s efforts and achieve involvement by all participants for the outcome of the plan.
  5. Prepare their organizations to participate and partner in “bundling” and Accountable Care Organizations with their primary physicians network and local hospitals.

This session will provide up-to-date strategies to assist providers to begin action planning today to assure their future marketplace viability. This presentation will reference examples of organizations with these strategies currently in process.

It will utilize case study, leading-edge practices discussion, group participation and an invigorating presentation with the ability to set forth immediate implementation strategies for the participants.