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WORKFORCE 21: Recruitment, Selection and Retention of Quality Employees

Clint Maun, CSP

“If you are the employer of choice, you’ll be the provider of choice.”

To run a successful healthcare organization, we must have dedicated, quality co-workers that embrace the team concept. Like never before, we’re being challenged to find the quantity and quality of co-workers necessary to be involved on our team.

It is possible to reduce turnover lower than the national average in a short period of time by using team-based involvement. Clint will show you techniques for dealing with the new workforce and achieving the Big 8! This invigorating session will discuss state of the art techniques for marketing for new employees and discuss needed systems to keep good employees from leaving. It involves proven methods for controlling turnover while enhancing employee participation in image-enhancing behavior and marketing strategies. We’ll also find how to get a coordinated effort that can lead to successful outcomes with all the diverse individuals involved in healthcare. This program really works!

On the completion of this session, participants will be able to:
  1. Implement methods for recruitment utilizing existing staff.
  2. Develop behavioral interviewing and selection techniques.
  3. Coordinate specific retention techniques (turnover reduction) including mentoring and orientation.
  4. Implement successful self-reporting system that develops team-based accountability and motivated behavior on a daily basis.
This program will rely heavily upon case-study and real-life examples of reasons why an employee leaves, the effects on personnel availability because of negative advertising and practical and innovative techniques for advertising.