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Young Coworkers: Success Made Simple

Aging Services organizations of today and the future must learn how to successfully utilize younger coworkers in management positions. As this important resource is hired and retained, healthcare professionals must implement success strategies to produce collaborative efforts which ultimately benefit our customers. This session will provide essential, up-to-date information on this timely topic that can be immediately put to use.

After attending this program, attendees will be able to:
  1. Identify the current “hot” buttons for retention in todayʼs healthcare environment
    1. Pay
    2. Benefits
    3. Relationships
    4. Workload
  2. Implement the successful involvement of coworkers on teams, committees and projects
    1. Real commitment on real efforts
    2. Moving from “me” to “we”
    3. Blending age diversity for a positive team result
  3. Discover methods for effective updates on work performance
    1. Coaching techniques
    2. Performance review
    3. Frequency requirements
  4. Become proficient in how to lead - not just manage
    1. Excitement opportunities
    2. Responsibility development
  5. Utilize younger coworkers as managers
    1. Effective coaching systems
    2. Building senior coworker buy-in
    3. Instituting effective group consensus building
    4. Utilizing team targets as a platform for performance
    5. Team-based reward and recognition
This session delivers strategies developed from current work in consulting projects across the United States. The information is timely, proven and based upon client operational experience.