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Leadership that Drives Results

Today’s health care organizations must promote proactive leadership techniques which drive measurable results for improvement and growth. There is no time left for process without results. Attendees of this invigorating session will learn specific techniques for engaging their co-workers for successful team-based efforts, customer service initiatives and ongoing daily outcomes.

With the operating capital we have today, our success depends upon removing the parent/child concept, organizing teams for successful outcomes and trusting individuals to lead like never before. Managers must move to leadership levels themselves and get away from leadership based only upon the concept that “I’m the boss” and “What I say goes”. Managers can transform themselves from being involved in daily step-by-step management and move toward truly leading the organization to the next level of successful outcomes. We have to form a new level of leadership, particularly in the face of new survey regulations, person-centered care concerns, service excellence approaches, market competition and staff retention.

Attendees of this program will walk away with a step-by-step understanding of how they can make a difference on a daily basis by their engagement processes with other individuals, why this is necessary, and how they can overcome tough situations that allow individuals to fall back into old approaches that don’t work anymore.
At the completion of this program, the attendees will possess the skills to:
  1. Understand the difference between leadership and management
  2. Use B.S.C.T.P. effectively
  3. Maximize shift report and shift startup
  4. Implement the One Great Unit concept
  5. Handle negative attitudes that interfere with team success
  6. Implement effective/efficient team huddles
  7. Organize a come with me program
  8. Check customer satisfaction at the time of delivery
This session will include specific methods to enhance leadership that encourages results with techniques that can be easily implemented. It includes lecture, group discussion, question/answer, case study and individual action planning.