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Executive Mentoring and Development

Even top-level healthcare executives can benefit from talking with an "outside" company resource on their personal improvement goals.

High-level executives often feel pressured to "have all the answers" when in truth they are humans, like the rest of us and may benefit from coaching and mentoring. They need to realize that they will not be seen as "weak" if they seek outside coaching to hone their skills.

With the competitive marketplace in the world today, top executives are leery to share new ideas and organized issues with their peers. Clint Maun is very familiar with the pressures, stress and concerns of top-level health care management. He can provide individual personnel coaching to help you become more proficient in areas such as the following:
  1. Positive feedback techniques.
  2. Workable coaching ideas for individual performance.
  3. Assigned reading with appropriate follow-up discussion.
  4. Personal scheduling/priority management techniques.
  5. Enhanced utilization of Administrative Assistant.
  6. Assistance on results versus process involvement.
  7. "Target"-based management suggestions.
  8. Methods for improved decision making.
Or, if you would prefer to work on organizational team building for the top executive team, Clint can help you with:
  1. Role and responsibility clarification.
  2. Role changes and limits.
  3. Target-based management suggestions.
  4. Readings with follow-up discussion.
  5. Methods for operating effective meetings which have the correct focus.
  6. Methods for celebrating success.
  7. Movement toward vision/strategic leadership.
  8. Implementation of targets for organizational focus, to include:
    1. Development of targets.
    2. Procedure for rollout implementation.
    3. Linkage assistance for all parts of the organization.
    4. Evaluation/monitoring methodology.
    5. Methods for tying success to individual reward systems.
These efforts would be accomplished through group meetings, one-on-one discussions, training and development sessions, phone conferences, mail and fax correspondence as applicable. There would be several days committed throughout the year for implementation. The specific goals and objectives would be finalized with your assistance.

If you’d like more information on how you can maximize effectiveness with your co-workers, please contact us for further information and assistance, or go to our products page for information on our audio and video tape series.