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Teamwork Development

When team members understand the purpose and focus of a “championship season”, you will have a team that is willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish success in the organization.

A Team Building program should include at minimum your key leadership team and department managers. Training would include detailed discussion on conflict management versus conflict resolution and specific information and techniques for:
  1. Handling turf and territorial problems.
  2. Dealing with direct relationships.
  3. Dealing with new team relationships.
  4. Conducting solution meetings versus problem meetings.
  5. Strategic new relationships that need to be formed.
  6. Maintaining problems at the lowest level versus flushing them to the top level.
  7. Laying out the understanding of major roles and responsibilities in the “new” organization.
  8. Appropriate training on improved communications between individuals and organizations.
  9. Leading exercises that teams could work on as a group to learn how to improve overall communications and team building. These exercises would allow the group to develop appropriate involvement with each other and at the same time learn how to handle tough organization situations.
This Teamwork training program requires some prework activities the participating individuals must complete prior to attending the session. There would be a few videos used in the training in addition to group exercises, lecture and discussion. The participants would receive a few simple homework assignments to complete following the training.

This program is fun, motivational, offers an opportunity to experience new relationships, and gets the attention necessary to make an impactful culture change.

If the leaders of your organization would like to work better as a team and achieve greater results please contact us at 800-356-2233. For more information on teamwork development click here.