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Care Committee Pledge

Clint Maun, CSP

Our objective is to maintain a happy, healthy work environment...

To accomplish this we pledge to put forth a positive attitude and to care about the well being of fellow employees.

Our best effort will be made to listen, uplift spirits, solve problems, have fun and nurture each other in times of need, whether the need is professional or personal...

Don’t cop a TUDE!!!!!

No BMG: Problems = Solutions Attitude Policy

Policy Statement

We the CARE Committee believe that by encouraging all staff to solve problems as they arise, it will promote personal accountability, respectful relationships and positive attitudes. Quality care is not only a result of a pleasant environment and competent medical care, but it is also a result of positive, solution oriented staff members.

We recognize that conflict is not always easy to resolve and we all are of different personalities, but we need to. We are expected to work openly and honestly with each other and attempt to find a reasonable solution for problems.

Solve problems
Our residents and their families expect a good and courteous attitude without excuses from us.

Courteous attitude


All employees will make a commitment to address problems at the time they occur.

There are unique situations where a manager may need to be involved to arrive at reasonable solutions, but it is in the best interest of everyone to try to solve the problem first.

BMG behaviors will not be tolerated, and are considered performance issues.

Each current employee and all new hires will be oriented to the P=S Attitude Policy.

If an employee continues to perform BMG behaviors, displays negative attitude, and does not make an attempt to try, the following disciplinary procedures will be implemented:
BMG behaviors
First Offense: Consult with the CARE Committee
Second Offense: The CARE Committee shall recommend to the administration to proceed in accordance to the Corrective Action Policy as stated in The Ambassador Health System Associate Handbook.

Responsible Staff
All Staff