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No BMG (Bellyaching, Moaning and Groaning) Policy

Clint Maun, CSP


The XYZ Team recognizes that XYZ Company is home for many residents and family members. We also recognize that it is the place of employment for many others. We believe that our community should be a pleasant place to reside and work. As part of this belief we have adopted the position that we will not accept BMGing (Bellyaching, Moaning and Groaning) by staff members.

The XYZ unit is hereby declared a BMG Free Zone and all workers employed in this unit must conduct themselves accordingly. Failure to do so will result in a 25 fine.

Non-XYZ Team staff visiting the XYZ unit will also be expected to comply with this standard. In the event that a staff member from another unit visits the XYZ unit and breaches this policy: they will be informed of the violation, instructed on the policy, politely requested to comply and instructed that further violations will be assessed the penalty.

All fines will be retained by the XYZ Team, who reserve the sole right to decide its appropriate use.