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P=S Policy #3: Team Policy

Clint Maun, CSP

Solutions Oriented Problem Solving


The XYZ Team recognizes that problems exist. They are a fact of life. We also recognize that some problems are unavoidable, and/or irresolvable, while others may be solved. In our work setting we wish to resolve as many problems as possible while recognizing that some are beyond our control. When possible we endeavor to resolve problems quickly and efficiently. Similarly, we do not want to expend valuable time and resources on situations which are beyond our control.

We have adopted a team orientation to all aspects of our work, including problem solving. This approach to our work necessitates that all team members provide a recommendation to resolve a problem when submitting one for resolution. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT A PROBLEM FROM ANY STAFF MEMBER UNLESS THE PROBLEM IS ACCOMPANIED BY A RECOMMENDED SOLUTION!!! We expect all of our team members to address and quickly resolve problems whenever possible. When this is not individually possible, the respective team member should forward the problem, in writing, to the team for consideration in accordance with the procedure indicated below.

This procedure does not supersede XYZ Company's policy for resolving resident/family concerns or complaints.