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Problems = Solutions: What Are We Doing to Each Other?

Clint Maun, CSP

No More Belly-Aching, Moaning, and Groaning


All employees are responsible for communicating problems/issues and offering possible solutions that will help make the "ideal workplace".

Purpose and Outcome:

  1. All committed employees are responsible for notifying all appropriate staff of situations that may be identified as a problem and to assist in generating a reasonable solution.
  2. If you question whether it may be a problem then it probably is a problem. Address the "potential" problem and solution to your peers or supervisor.
  3. Even if you are uncertain of a solution, let someone know your idea. One idea is better than none.
  4. All employees are responsible to act "on a positive note" if they hear, see or even say BMG. Offer a moment of your time, schedule a meeting or whatever else it takes to formulate a potential solution.
  5. It's ok to offer a solution to a problem as long as you advise your immediate supervisor.
  6. Talking about problems and solutions must be documented for appropriate follow through.
  7. If for some reason you as an employee feel uncomfortable about publicly discussing problems and solutions, use the employee comment boxes located in the building for confidentiality.
  8. If you don't know of an immediate solution to a problem, it's alright, committed employees will work together to find the solution.
  9. Be realistic. Problems don't get fixed overnight as long as there is a plan to fix it.
  10. Negative feedback is always to be expected. Being a committed employee will help with solving the problem.
  11. It's ok to express no tolerance with ID 10 T's * in the building. Those who are *ID 10 T's are the ones who break up the team.

* (idiots)