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7 Absolutes for Your Revenue Enhancement

Clint Maun, CSP

An organization’s opportunity for growth and success is relative to its ability to achieve a competitive advantage. This marketplace advantage can best be realized through team-based involvement and implementation strategies of the 7 Absolutes. Organizations can’t afford to think retail anymore in their approach to growing revenue. In this tough economy, there must be an assertive team-based effort to build upon the facility’s reputation and outcomes while canvassing the market area for business.

This invigorating session will describe in detail 7 targeted areas of concentration that will elevate organizations toward the achievement of a greater market share of premium payer source customers. At the completion of this program, the attendees will be positioned to:

  1. Develop a meaningful and successful team-based approach to revenue enhancement
  2. Explore the required business alliances and partnerships necessary to compete in the new healthcare reform environment
  3. Prepare and implement a scientific effort for community marketing
  4. Create mutually beneficial and effective medical relationships
  5. Utilize Outcome Data as a marketing advantage
  6. Involve existing customers in securing new customers

The session will utilize active, current case studies, lecture, group discussion, humor and question/answer.