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Accepting Criticism: Are you able to accept criticism?

Clint Maun, CSP

Don't resent criticism, regardless of the source. There's only one way to handle criticism no matter where it comes from. Accept it gracefully!

Let's say the person who is making the criticism is sincerely trying tot help you. If that's true you should in turn be sincerely thankful and accept it gracefully. You could seem conceited if you didn't.

On the other hand let's assume that the person making the criticism is trying to make you mad. How can you get the best of this person? By accepting the criticism gracefully! You must keep your cool no matter how tough it is. Let the person know you. Don't pretend to be perfect. Appreciate their interest. You'll be happy to consider what they've said. Now you've got the ball in your court, the other person could look foolish.

In addition, don't get too upset if your boss occasionally criticizes you. That's their job! It should be done in the correct manner, but if a boss never criticizes anything, then things will go downhill.

General Sarnoff of RCA once remarked that he didn't resent criticism because "sometimes a kick in the pants is just what is needed to get you moving on the path of progress." Your success depends on accepting criticism gracefully.