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Smell the Roses

Clint Maun, CSP

Some people never take the time to celebrate what is going right in their lives. More things happen everyday that go right than wrong. But a number of people get caught in the trap of looking for things to go wrong. After awhile, it is easy to convince yourself that nothing is going right.

However, successful people have the ability to stop at important times in their lives and smell the roses. They are able to give themselves personal credit for important accomplishments. They periodically look at what they’ve done and say “This is going well” or “I’m really proud of this outcome. Now how can I keep this advancement going?”

Successful people set specific targets and hit them, and give themselves a pat on the back. You must develop this skill of daily self-evaluation! Set specific targets for the day. List these in priority order. Check them off as they are accomplished. Keep the lists for evaluation at the end of the week or month. How many of the top priorities have you completed?

Then you will also learn some important information about your required improvement. This process will allow you to set up an ongoing method of self-evaluation and you will be able to smell the roses.