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Winners: Are you a winner?

Clint Maun, CSP

Earl Nightengale once told the story of a professor who startled a group of college educators with a challenge. He asked them if they could boil down into a brief statement all of the books ever written on how to motivate people. After a long discussion, they came up with the following statement which said it all: “What the mind attends to, it considers; what it does not attend to, it discusses. What the mind attends to continually, it believes; and what the mind believes, it eventually does.”

We can all be winners. All we have to do is control the input to our great computers – our minds. With enough of the right kind of input; our minds begin to control our emotion – rather than vice versa. People with adult bodies and minds, who are still ruled by their emotions, seem to be always bored. They can never find enough fun things to do. They are always looking for a way to be motivated. As we have just stated, motivation is internal and it starts with controlling your emotions.

If you ever feel dissatisfied, frustrated, or bored maybe you should look at what is controlling your mind. Maybe you should face the fact that you can be a winner simply by letting your mind attend to the right things.