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Self-Confidence: Do you believe in yourself?

Clint Maun, CSP

Forty top sports historians were asked who was the greatest athlete in the history of American sports. The almost unanimous choice was Babe Ruth. His greatest attribute according to the historians was his tremendous self-confidence. This is typified by his famous home run in a World Series. In the pivotal game of the series, the Yankees were trailing going into the 9th inning. The “Babe” stepped up with two outs and the bases loaded. A home run would win the game. The crowd was cheering wildly. The umpire called out Strike 1 and then Strike 2. The crowd went silent. The “Babe” then backed away from the plate, tightened his belt, adjusted his bat and then looked at his bat. Slowly he stepped up to the plate lifted his left arm and pointed to the left field wall. The pitcher grinned; the crowd gasped, and then came the pitch. Ruth hit the ball and it went right over the wall where the “Babe” had pointed. He was later asked in the locker room what would have happened if he had missed the ball. The hero said, “Well-uh… it never crossed my mind.”

That’s what self-confidence is all about—believing you can do what you set out to accomplish. A strong, positive, self-image says I am somebody! I matter in the world! I am capable! And I have value as a person! I can win at the game of life!