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Eating Crow: Some people aren't able to admit mistakes. Are you able to eat crow?

Clint Maun, CSP

Some people let pride and ego get in their way. They set up their day so they'll never have to look bad. They don't want to fail or admit they've done something wrong. No one wants to be wrong all the time. However, successful people eat a minimum daily allowance of crow. In fact, they realize that admitting mistakes is even healthy. This takes risks and it also allows them to be looked up on as a normal human being by other people around them.

Successful people say things like, "You were right, I was wrong. I'm sorry about that. I forgot. Let's try it your way, mini isn't working." Successful people set up situation where they might have to eat crow just to get action on a certain issue. They say things like, "I know you disagree with me, but let's try it this way. If it doesn't work, we'll try something else." Crow, cooked the right way, is tasty, and it's even good for you.