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Staying Positive

Clint Maun, CSP

Is it possible to stay positive for a long period of time? We believe it is!
People ask me if it is actually possible to stay in a good mood most of the time. While it is normal to have a few bad days, I believe a person is capable of keeping a high mood or attitude on an ongoing basis. It's all in what you let get program into your brain.

Here is one technique I've had great success with in programming my brain. Your own voice is the only voice your brain has no resistance to. You brain openly receives everything you say out loud. With that piece of information, it becomes clear how to control your attitude. Watch what comes out of your own lips that your brain picks up on. In addition, you can actually make cassette tapes of your own voice saying positive things about you and your life and your successes. You can play these tapes back before you go to sleep or as you're driving to work. Your brain will receive these success stories about yourself and your attitude will remain positive. Try it! See if you can control your own computer before someone or something else does.

Are you a thoroughbred? Is the blood in your veins the blood of champions? People believe that there are two people inside each of us- a big person who longs for greatness and a little person who stands in the way and shouts, "You can't!"
The famous tenor, Enrico Caruso was waiting back stage on opening night in a packed opera house. Suddenly he screamed, "Get out of my way! Get out! Get out!" The stagehands thought he had lost his mind. Later Caruso explained, "I felt the big me that wanted to sing and knows it can, was being stifled by the little me that gets afraid and says that I can't. I was simply ordering him out of my body."

True champions avoid letting self-doubt and fears of failure get in their way. Champions understand that everyone has a little fear but it must be held in check. They also know that left unchecked, these fears eventually make us unable to try. They sap our resources so that we only use a small part of our mental potential because we spend so much time thinking about potential failure and self-doubt.

If you're to be a thoroughbred you must give the true champion a chance to run the race. Make sure that the big person controls the little person.