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A Positive Attitude

Clint Maun, CSP

How do you go about improving your attitude? We believe attitude is everything! A statue has never been erected to honor a critic. People call our office for information on books, tapes, and speeches. They often make statements like, "Is he always that positive?" or "How can he stay so positive?"

Our office responds. "It's easy because that's where all success starts." Success happens when you're in charge of your own attitude.

Begin a program of moving toward a more positive attitude. Read something inspiring or simply reflect on the good aspects of your day. Don't spend time watching negative TV programs or listening to reports on the police scanner. Before going to sleep, concentrate on pleasant thoughts so you will have pleasant dreams. You'll wake up feeling refreshed.

The first ten minutes of the day can make or break the entire day. By using these techniques and others we'll be bringing to you, your attitude can improve. Your success is up to you.