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Searching For Utopia

Clint Maun, CSP

Are you looking for utopia?

Utopia is a Greek term which literally means "no place" and is used to refer to an ideally perfect place, especially with regards to its social, political, and moral features.

We believe most of us are searching for happiness. But, we would be more successful in our explorations if we placed the majority of our attention in the here and now.

Some of us, maybe most of us, are always believing that the next thing will bring us happiness. If only - I got that new BMW; or if only we could move into that newer, bigger house; or if I can just get one more Master's degree - then I know I'll be happy.

If only… If only… If only…

Happiness isn't a destination somewhere out in front of us. Happiness is not something we find outside of ourselves. Real, lasting happiness comes from our internal satisfaction. It comes from the people we choose to be significant relationships in our lives. Happiness is found in the work or mission we spend our days performing.

Likewise, happiness isn't something that will happen in the future, or has only occurred in the past. Happiness is right under our noses today - if we will only look!

Periodically feeling unhappy is normal. There are situations, or occurrences that can cause sadness or feelings of unhappiness. These feelings are normal. But, if you are always feeling unhappy, dissatisfied or imagine that your happiness only comes from people or things outside of yourself, you might need to spend some time reflecting about what's going on inside of you.

Here is a list of signposts or symptoms that might suggest you're heading the wrong direction. Do you:
  1. Find yourself nursing grudges, suspicions, or resentments?
  2. Spend your days living in the past not looking to the present and future?
  3. Keep fighting things you cannot possibly change?
  4. Feel sorry for yourself and find yourself withdrawing from the world?
  5. Expect an unreasonable amount from yourself, and unable to accept yourself just the way you are?

We believe you can fight these symptoms and become a happier person by participating on a daily basis in doing the best job you can in your workplace. You can find happiness when your significant relationships are a high priority and you are actively involved in making these relationships bigger and more important than the material desires you have for yourself.

You will be happier when you are participating in what is happening in the "here and now." Happiness can happen when you stop waiting for some enchanted elf or fairy to sprinkle the magic dust of endless, wonderful bliss on you, making your life suddenly perfect.

Starting today, put your heart into everything you do, use your hands to build what you need for tomorrow, and place your eyes on the future you desire.

One day you'll realize happiness has appeared, and you weren't even expecting it.