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Starting the Day: Do you see a difference between motivated and unmotivated people? Why do some people seem to be so up?

Clint Maun, CSP

Some people seem to have more pep and energy. They have a strong drive and keep their day going in a smooth direction. We've found an important difference with these people. They, in a great number of cases, tend to sleep less. Studies have shown that people who sleep approximately 6 hours per day actually have more initiative, drive, and energy. People who sleep more than 8 hours per day could be literally "sleeping their lives away".

People who "over-sleep" have the tendency to be lethargic, moody, and less energetic. It is true that different people need varying sleep time for many reasons. However, motivated people usually require less sleep. We've found some people convince themselves they need more sleep because they don't want to face the day ahead or what they know they should be doing. Eventually these people develop psychological reasons why they need more sleep.

Take personal responsibility for your life. That responsibility starts with getting up out of bed and getting the day started. You will be amazed at what this extra time can mean for you in accomplishing goals not to mention starting with a positive attitude. Assess the amount of sleep you really need and take some positive action today!