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Life Isn't A Dress Rehearsal

Clint Maun, CSP

A 14-year old boy says, "I know I'll be happy when I reach 16. I can't wait." A 20-year-old says, "I can't wait to be 21." A 61-year-old says, "I can't wait to turn 62 to qualify for early retirement." They are all playing the waiting game. People were taught throughout their lives to play the waiting game, to wait for happiness.

They say, "I can't wait to be married, then I'll be happy. They're continually waiting, trying to find a way to happiness. Or they say, "I can't wait until we retire, then we'll be happy" "I can't wait to go out Friday night" and one of the best is, "I can't wait till my vacation, then I'll have fun!" There is no special way to happiness. And waiting for happiness to magically show up "someday" can lead to a life of frustration. Happiness can only be found if you're happy today. If you procrastinate happiness, there won't be any time left to have fun.

The future is a continuing series of present moments. Take good care of the present by establishing prioritized goals, so you'll have time to hit tomorrow's dreams. Incremental steps on a daily basis can help achieve tomorrow's goals. Ask yourself, "What can I do today to help me reach my goals and dreams". Don't wait to be happy. It is important to achieve your goals and dreams today, tomorrow, and every other day. This is where you will find abundance, fulfillment, and fun.

Remember life isn't a dress rehearsal. This is our only opportunity to reach our dreams. Go for it and bring tomorrow to the "now!"