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Ten Good Reasons For Setting Goals: Do you know why you should set goals?

Clint Maun, CSP

In his excellent book, “Get The Best From Yourself”, Nido Qubein lists 10 important reasons to set goals. They are as follows:
  1. Goals give you something to work for – a purpose and direction.
  2. Goals give you the best reason for not procrastinating.
  3. Goals help you to concentrate all your energies with a specific chosen direction.
  4. Goals help you build enthusiasm.
  5. Goals help you to be specific with other people who would like to help you.
  6. Goals help you save time for yourself and for others in your life.
  7. Goals help you to make and save money.
  8. Goals help you to keep in perspective what really matters.
  9. Goals give you a standard against which to measure your effectiveness as a person
  10. Goals provide a foundation for setting new goals – they help you to keep reaching out.

With these 10 good reasons, don’t you think you too should have goals?