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Ownership: Can you get people involved in carrying out ideas?

Clint Maun, CSP

We are constantly trying to get people involved in projects, ideas, groups, or activities. Some people may wonder why no one wants to get involved with their idea or effort. The central issue with this problem is a very simple concern...who originated the idea? Few people get excited when being asked to become involved with someone else's "great idea".

We have found people sent forth their greatest efforts when carrying out ideas they can claim as their own. One of the best ways to get them to adopt a plan with enthusiasm is to give them credit for originating it. Few people enjoy working on something where they receive no recognition. If your child develops the plan with your help for the best way to keep his room clean, you can feel confident the room has a higher probability of being cleaned and remaining that way.

If you're the chairperson of a group, you should insure that the group adopts a plan of action as their own. I would suggest you let them develop the theme name for the project if possible. By using this strategy of developed ownership we nourish the other person's ego and receive his or her cooperation and enthusiasm.